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The Old Town, or rather the Old Bridge in Mostar. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is really fascinating. I do not advise you to jump from the bridge (if you are not a diving professional - the chances of crippling yourself are very high), but to walk and take a picture under it against its background is a must.
Vjetrenica is a fascinating cave in the south of the country, a visit to which is mandatory for all lovers of the unusual. Before that, I had never been to any cave, so I experienced a lot of emotions when I came to this place. But remember - it's cold inside, take warm clothes, even if it's +30 outside.
Blagaj is another place that will be imprinted in the memory of any tourist. The green and blue waters of the river that flows in this town beckon to swim. However, a strong current makes you stand on the shore and enjoy these beauties only visually.
Bridge in Visegrad. The second of two UNESCO monuments. The bridge, thanks to which the famous Serbian writer Ivo Andrić received the Nobel Prize in Literature. A favorite place for local residents. Indeed, the bridge is impressive, and the views that open from it will not leave anyone indifferent.
Tvrdos Monastery is a beautiful monastery, which is located near the city of Trebinje. When we accidentally stopped there on the way to Mostar, we were pleasantly surprised. The green area does not allow you to leave without enjoying the fresh air in the shade of trees, and the wine cellars, which can also be visited, will not allow you to leave without a couple of bottles of local delicious wine.
Kravice Waterfall - Is nature capable of this? The spectacle is just amazing, it's worth seeing. By the way, here for special fans of extreme sports there is an opportunity to take a specially trained person and ride a canoe with him