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Balagai Valley Bosnia and Herzegovina

The excursion to the Blagaj Valley in Bosnia and Herzegovina is an exciting journey to a picturesque gorge, where historical monuments, natural beauties and places with the spirit of antiquity are located.

When visiting this tour, tourists can see the following attractions:

1. Dervish Hankah: this is a historical building where dervishes used to live and meditate. Today you can learn more about the Sufi tradition and visit the museum.

2. Blagai Monastery: Located at the foot of the rock, this monastery is a unique combination of Islamic and Christian architecture. It is one of the symbols of peaceful coexistence of different religions in the region.

3. Blagai Waterfall: a picturesque waterfall surrounded by greenery and rocks creates an amazing atmosphere of tranquility and beauty.

4. Buna River: a transparent river originating in a cave adds uniqueness to this place and creates an opportunity for walks along the shore.

5. Cafe by the river: along the Buna River there are cozy cafes where you can enjoy traditional Bosnian dishes and drinks while enjoying the view of nature.

The tour provides an opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of antiquity, enjoy the natural beauty and learn more about the cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina.