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Holidays in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Spa hotels offer various services and programs for relaxation, beauty, youth and health. In the spa complexes of hotels you can be offered massage, scrubbing, therapeutic baths, hydrotherapy, procedures in phyto barrels. Usually such hotels necessarily have an aqua zone with a swimming pool, sauna, bath or hammam.
Thermal springs of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Banja Ilidza

Banja Luka

Banja Vrucica





Here are at least 5 reasons to visit this country:

Unusual nature. It's Tourists go to Kravitsa waterfall, look at the Trebijat, Sava and Piva rivers, go to the mountains. Sutjeska National Park, the "green pearl" is popular.

Delicious food. It is worth trying local dishes: chevapchichi, burek, dulma, sarma, pilaf, goulash, ayvar. The food is hearty, the portions are impressive, and the prices even in famous restaurants are much lower than the European ones.

Interweaving cultures and religions. There are a huge number of mosques, Orthodox churches, Catholic churches. There are also synagogues. Religious features are woven into local culture, create a unique authentic flavor.

Historical monuments. Bosnia and Herzegovina has a difficult historical fate.
This land has preserved the memory of the ancient Roman legions, the Ottoman conquest, the Austro-Hungarian reign. There are also ancient ruins on which tourists are allowed.

Active rest. In Bosnia and Herzegovina - a variety of recreation: from rafting to mountain ascents.

- And certainly a variety of natural sources, resting on which you will regain strength and strengthen your health!
Bosnia and Herzegovina: treat yourself to your vacation in hotels with first-class spa treatments, massages, swimming pools, hot tubs and other services.