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All about everything! Resorts of Montenegro

💃Choosing a resort in Montenegro💃

Boko-Kotor Bay

👉1. Herceg Novi

✔Herceg Novi is also called the city of cats for the large number of moustached people living there. And the city of stairs, because it descends to the sea by terraces from the slopes of Mount Orien. And the muse of artists and poets for the delightful beauty. But most often, Herceg Novi is called the Botanical Garden of Montenegro. There is a botanical garden in the literal sense of the word here, and ancient and very interesting.

✔It not only grows a large number of relic, that is, unique, plants, but also collects samples of flora from all over the world. But even in the city itself, the number of flowers, shrubs, trees, especially mimosa, is striking. This resort rests not only the body, but also the eye, admiring the landscapes, neat houses, flowers, ancient bastions and castles. Cultural traditions are influenced by Venice, Turkey and Spain, to which the city belonged at different times.

✔On the seven-kilometer promenade there are a lot of restaurants, shops and entertainment for every taste. Beaches are also presented in the range: natural pebble, bulk sand and artificial platforms. Herceg Novi is suitable for romantic and family holidays, for a relaxing vacation of respectable couples. Especially since the local climate is considered therapeutic. It is not for nothing that the medical resort of Igalo with an excellent health base adjoins the city.

👉2. Tivat

✔All kinds of shrubs and flowers grow in the city and parks, many beaches are surrounded by pine, olive and cypress groves. The beaches of Tivat themselves are mostly sandy. They are very well equipped: in most places you, together with traditional beach restaurants and bars, you will also find souls, parking lots, sports grounds.

✔Rest in Tivat will especially appeal to those who like to explore the sights in the afternoon. There is no shortage of them here: these are buildings of the Roman and Byzantine periods, numerous churches, a museum of local lore and art galleries, fortresses and pirate parking places.

✔The resort is also attractive because there is an international airport next to it, and it will not take much time to travel.

👉3. Kotor

✔Thanks to its monuments, it is included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. The old city will not leave indifferent lovers of history and antiquity.

✔In the summer, the resort hosts a carnival and various festivals that attract a lot of young people, as well as an excellent Maximus nightclub.

👉4. Risan

✔ Mountain landscapes and coniferous forests, an abundance of attractions - these are the main trump cards of Risan. There is only one hotel here, but villas, cottages and apartments are abundantly offered.

✔There are many clubs and discos in Risan, and connoisseurs of historical heritage will be impressed by the Marble Castle.
"Budva Riviera"

👉5. Budva

✔Budva is by far the most popular Montenegrin beach resort. If you are young, active and tireless, then you should definitely visit here. Along the promenade in the New part of the city there are countless establishments that can meet the needs of the most avid gourmets, shopaholics and disco dancers.

✔For spiritual values, it is worth going to the Old Town, because Budva was founded before our era! Picturesque streets, an ancient citadel, a small church and neat houses will be a pleasant background for family or romantic walks. In summer, many music and theater festivals are held in the city.

✔City beaches of Budva are mostly small-pebbled, including the famous Slavic beach. In the vicinity of the city you can find cozy and small sandy or stone beaches. Resting in Budva, it is impossible not to visit St. Nicholas Island, where there are three sandy beaches.

👉6. Becici

The resort of Becici is ideal for families with children. The first advantage is his beach. Either coarse sandy or very small-pebbled, but exactly the one on which it is pleasant to walk barefoot or even run towards the wave. The dentary bottom allows children to safely frolic in the water.

✔The second plus is the abundance of greenery that saturates the air with oxygen and creates a pleasant coolness. An additional plus is that a special road train will quickly take you to the entertainment center of Budva if you want to plunge into the cycle of a busy resort.

✔Together with the nearby town of Rafailovichi, Becici is famous for fish restaurants. Due to really good hotels, this resort attracts lovers of comfort.

👉7. Przno

✔He disappeared from the whole world in a cozy bay, and this location further shows its peculiarity. You will not find a more worthy place if you dream of a quiet secluded holiday in the bosom of magnificent nature.

👉8. Petrovac

✔The resort of Petrovac is shrouded in a special cozy romantic atmosphere. He also found his place in a secluded bay among olive and pine groves. The business card of the resort could show off a Venetian fortress and amazing small red pebbles. In the evening, the sounds of charmingly beautiful music pour from charming restaurants, and those who do not sleep at night light their disco lights.

✔Thanks to its southern position and protection from cold winds, Petrovac has a very long beach season by Montenegrin standards - from April to November.

👉9. St. Stephen

✔You have probably seen St. Stephen's Island more than once on promotional booklets about Montenegro. On a small rocky island connected to land by a narrow dam, inside the powerful city walls there is the most elite resort in the country.

✔It's not difficult to meet any world celebrity on the streets and bars here. Vacationers here are attracted by privacy, luxury, peace and an amazing small-pebbled beach of delicate pink color.

👉10. Petrovac

✔This resort is located near the island of St. Stephen and is one of the cleanest holiday destinations in Montenegro. It is considered an excellent family resort. Family-type hotels with a 3-4-star level of service prevail.
✔For young guests, these hotels are perfectly adapted - there are swimming pools, slides and all kinds of entertainment.

👉11. Milocer

✔A very remarkable place. Here you can relax at reasonable rates, renting mini-hotels or apartments. Or you can settle in the royal castle, turned into a hotel.

✔An additional bonus is the presence of sandy beaches.

👉12. Bar

✔If you are sedented by the sea and the sun, welcome to the ranks of Bar fans. Here is a resort recognized as the sunniest place in Europe. There are enough fruit and olive groves, gardens and parks. The local port magically does not violate the environment, and the sights will help to brighten up leisure time.

✔Additional bonus - visa-free excursions to Italy. Be sure to visit Lake Skadar and the two-thousand-year-old olive tree. There is also bait in the Bar for divers: near the shore on the seabed rest the yacht of King Nikola, an Austro-Hungarian destroyer and and a German cruiser, which can be viewed when scuba diving.

"The southernmost point"

👉13. Ulcinj

✔ Most people associate the word "south" with the hot sun, a huge sandy beach, a warm sea and incendiary parties. And that's right! All this applies entirely to the resort of Ulcinj.

✔His huge swimming season from April to November, a lot of nightclubs, well-developed infrastructure, absolutely clean air attract a lot of tourists here: from young people to couples with children and people of solid age. There is a convenient and comfortable place for everyone at this resort. Pay special attention to the beaches!

✔They beckon to walk on the sand or lie on it - that's what needs to be done. After all, the sand here, thanks to the high content of salts and iodine, has a healing effect. It helps especially well in the treatment of rheumatism and nervous diseases. History lovers will be happy to see the House of Venice, the palaces of Balšić and the ruins of ancient Svač. Everyone will be interested in walking hrough the colorful Eastern Bazaar.

👉14. Ada Boyana

✔13 kilometers of coastal strip is the longest in Montenegro. For those who like to merge with nature, a nudist village is built here. Rest here can be very budget, since hotels are dominated by rooms marked with category "A" (however, there are also enough "suites").

✔Some tourists prefer two-storey bungalows. In the village itself there are aperitif bars, fish cafes and a couple of private restaurants. Nudist beaches are soft, with healing sand. There are also enough sports entertainment in the village - volleyball, tennis, kayak, bicycle.

👉15. Good Water-Water

✔This resort belongs to the southern coast, so summer comes here quickly. It's easy to get here - an hour and a half from any airport in Montenegro. The resort boasts two large beaches - Small and Great Playsacs.

✔In summer, it is not crowded here, so the rest awaits you calm and leisurely.