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Company in Montenegro

Company in Montenegro - quick registration for foreigners

Interest in a small country on the Adriatic coast - Montenegro is increasing... The mild Mediterranean climate closer to the sea and the temperate continental to the north of the country attract not only tourists, but also entrepreneurs. Picturesque nature, warm sea, rich culture and beautiful works of architecture - all this has a beneficial effect on business development. Especially since the legislation of Montenegro maximizes the inflow of foreign investment into the country's economy.

The favorable attitude of the Government of Montenegro towards foreign businessmen is also manifested in the conditions of registration of legal entities, which allow to open both an individual entrepreneur and a non-governmental organization on its territory.
ne of the most common forms of business organization, in addition to a private entrepreneur, is the registration of a turnkey legal entity in Montenegro, often a limited liability company (DOO).

The latter is also relevant due to the release of a new law, according to which foreign citizens can buy land only for a legal entity. It is also possible to organize partnerships (limited or unlimited liability) and ordinary joint-stock companies.