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The best hotels in Albania

In hotels in Albania, you can find a variety of rooms, from standard double rooms to luxury suites and villas. Here are a few types of rooms that can be found in the best hotels in the country:

1. Suite: These are spacious rooms with usually a separate living area, bedroom and bathroom. Suites can have a balcony or terrace with sea or mountain views. They are usually equipped with all the amenities for a comfortable stay.

2. Family Room: These are large rooms with multiple beds or additional bedrooms, designed for family holidays. They can be equipped with a kitchen area or a kitchenette for the convenience of guests.

3. Sea View Room: These rooms are located overlooking the Adriatic or Ionian Sea and offer wonderful panoramic views. They are usually more expensive, but create a unique atmosphere of relaxation.

4. VIP room: These are exclusive rooms with additional amenities such as a Jacuzzi, sauna, private terrace or swimming pool. They offer the highest level of comfort and luxury.
5. Themed Room: Some hotels offer themed rooms decorated in a specific style or theme, which creates a unique atmosphere.
For example, a room in the style of the sea or a Mediterranean villa.
Each hotel may have its own unique room types and offers, so it is always worth contacting a specific hotel for detailed information about the available accommodation options.