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Here is a detailed description of the tour of the top 10 restaurants in Tirana, Albania:

1. I Fishop €
- The I Fishop restaurant specializes in fresh seafood and fish dishes. Here you can enjoy a variety of fish prepared according to various recipes.

2. Ceren Ismet Shehu €€
- This restaurant offers Albanian cuisine with a modern twist. Here you can taste traditional Albanian dishes prepared using local ingredients.

3. Artigiano Restaurants €€
- Artigiano Restaurants offers Italian cuisine with authentic dishes and a wonderful atmosphere. Here you can enjoy pasta, pizza and other Italian specialties.

4. Still Fish €€
- This restaurant specializes in seafood and fish dishes. Here you can try fresh catches prepared using seasonal ingredients.

5. Lift Steak & Rooftop Bar €€
- The Lift Steak & Rooftop Bar restaurant offers a combination of delicious steaks and excellent
its roofs. Here you can enjoy great food and an amazing atmosphere.
6. @ Tartuf Shop €€
- This restaurant is famous for its truffle dishes.
Here you can try various dishes with truffles, which give them a special taste and aroma.
7. Iluminatum Residence €€
- Iluminatum Residence is a restaurant with
a wonderful atmosphere and delicious international cuisine. Here you can enjoy a variety of culinary experiences.
8. Tribe Urban Gastronomy Tirana €€
- Tribe Urban Gastronomy Tirana
offers innovative gastronomy and unique dishes. Here you can try experimental combinations of flavors and unusual dishes.
9. Restorantdeti JON €€
- This restaurant specializes in seafood and fish dishes. Here you can enjoy fresh catches and authentic flavors.
10. Blerina Farm €€
- Blerina Farm is a restaurant,located on a farm where you can enjoy organic food produced directly on the farm. Here you can taste fresh products and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere.
These restaurants offer a variety of culinary experiences and an atmosphere for all connoisseurs of good food in Tirana, Albania.