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Gastroexcursions to eco restaurants and eco farms in Montenegro

In Montenegro, you can find several amazing places where you can get acquainted with the environmentally friendly production of products and enjoy delicious food. Here are some interesting places to visit for gastro excursions:

1. Goat farm "Kozye-Ravni": This place is located in a picturesque area of Montenegro. Here you can see how cheeses and other dairy products are made from natural goat's milk. Tastings and excursions are also often organized here.

2. Restaurant "Katun Žubovića": This restaurant is located in Durmitor National Park and specializes in dishes from local products grown on organic farms in this region.

3. Milodonka Farm: This farm specializes in the production of organic vegetables and fruits. Here you can learn about sustainable farming methods and enjoy fresh products.

4. Katunski Dvor Restaurant: Located in a picturesque area, this restaurant offers dishes made with local products, as well as excursions in the surrounding area.

These places offer the opportunity not only to enjoy delicious and healthy food, but also to learn more about environmentally friendly production and sustainable agriculture in Montenegro.