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Here is a detailed description of seven restaurants in Pogradec, Albania:

1. Alpeta Agrotourism & Winery (€):

Alpeta Agrotourism & Winery is a restaurant and winery where you can enjoy authentic Albanian cuisine and tasting of local wines. Here you will find a variety of dishes made from fresh and local products.

2. Restorant Pocerina (€):

Restorant Pocerina offers a wide range of dishes, including meat and fish dishes, soups, salads and desserts. The restaurant is famous for its hospitality and cozy atmosphere.

3. Restorant Cavos (€€):

Restorant Cavos offers exquisite Mediterranean cuisine. Here you can enjoy fresh seafood, meat dishes and a variety of snacks. The restaurant also offers a wide selection of wines.

4. Ресторан Toka (€€):

Toka Restaurant offers unique dishes made with local products. The restaurant specializes in traditional Albanian dishes such as pita, guvech and eggplant in honey sauce.

5. Taverna Koco (€):

Taverna Koco is a traditional tavern where you can taste authentic Albanian dishes. The restaurant is famous for its local specialties, including grill, pasta and soups.

6. Restaurant Rosa E Tymosur (€€):

Restaurant Rosa E Tymosur is a restaurant with a cozy atmosphere and a beautiful view of Lake Pogradec. Here you can enjoy a wide selection of dishes, including meat, fish and vegetarian options.

7. Shtepia e Vjeter (€€):

Shtepia e Vjeter is a restaurant located in an old building with a traditional interior. Here you can enjoy authentic Albanian cuisine and atmosphere. The restaurant offers a wide selection of dishes, from meat to fish.

These restaurants offer a variety of Albanian cuisine and promise a pleasant experience for gastronomy lovers.