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15 reasons to visit Montenegro

1. Sea

Warm, clean and transparent - the Adriatic at its best. The only problem is that the Montenegrin coast is loved not only by tourists, but also by sea urchins. Look under your feet.

2. Mountains

Mountains in Montenegro are not high, as it may seem at first glance - the highest point is at the top of Bobotov Cook (2522 m). But the height does not matter, because there are mountain rivers, forest thickets, and traditional villages scattered on the slopes. In general, everything to create the perfect mountain landscape.

3. Flowers.

Lushly blooming oleanders, olive groves and acid-violet bougainvillea flowers crawling on the snow-white walls of houses. The plants here are so large that they look like the owners of the country.

4. Wine
Most Montenegrin wines are produced at the Plantaze plant - Chardonnay, Krstach, and the local pride of Vranac. In the summer heat, Montenegrins drink "spritz" - diluting it with carbonated mineral water.

5. Music and dance

Rumors that Montenegrins do not dance are greatly exaggerated. They're still dancing. The main thing is to find a small local bar with live music and fervent parts on the violin.

6. Tongue

The language barrier in this country is not terrible. Any incomprehensible Montenegrin phrase becomes clear if you pronounce it a little slower.

7. Kitchen

Balkan cuisine is simple and without frills. But Montenegrins cook meat with such talent and soul that the taste of the most delicate splash and chevapchichi will forever remain in memory.

8. Laziness

Montenegrins behave as if they invented aziness. No other people can learn such relaxed relaxation. The standard Montenegrin proverb is: "If you see drinkers and snackers, join us. If you see workers, go away: they can't be disturbed."

9. Morning

Wake up early to feel the gentle rays of the sun that has risen with you on your shoulders and listen to the ringing of bells through the singing of birds.

10. St. Stephen

The image of the hotel island is one of the most popular motifs for postcards from Montenegro. Living on St. Stephen and relaxing on beaches with pink sand is expensive. But it looks beautiful from the outside.

11. Kotor

Which was built like a labyrinth, so be careful - it's easy to get lost here.Although the streets of the old town are so beautiful that you won't want to be found.

12. Jail

The snow-white monastery of Ostrog is built in a rock at an altitude of 900 meters. The way to the monastery is a separate adventure - 8 km along a winding mountain trail. So if you're not completely sure of your driver talent, take a tour.

13. Mussels

Mussel in Montenegro is grown on farms with endless plantations of colored floats in the Bay of Kotor. The price is average, but the quality is great.

14. Lake Skadar

A third of Lake Skadar belongs to Albania, but all the most beautiful went to Montenegro. If you come here in late January-early February, drop by to the town of Virzapar. There is a two-day festival of wine and sticky fish there at this time.

15. Creation Montenegro is great in the photos. And you'll look great against her background too