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Interesting facts about Montenegro

1. The length of the bathable beaches of Montenegro is 73 km. At the same time, about 1.5 million tourists from all over the world visit the country every year.

2. In order to attract even more tourists, the country's government prescribed in the constitution that Montenegro is an 'environmental state'. At the moment, 8.1% of the country's territory is environmental. The main ones are the national reserves Durmitor, Lovcen, Biograd Mountain, Lake Skadar and Prokletier.

3. The capital of Montenegro is Cetinje, but the largest city in the country and the business capital is Podgorica. For comparison, about 16,000 people live in the adinistrative capital, and 152,000 in the business capital.

4. The country became completely independent only in June 2006. Over the past few decades, Montenegro has been a lagging and subsidized republic of Yugoslavia. Now, thanks to tourists, there is economic growth in the country every year.
5. The entire territory of Montenegro is 3 times smaller than the Moscow region.

6. Nature lovers should definitely visit Montenegro. Here, for example, there is the deepest canyon in Europe and at the same time the second deepest canyon in the world - the canyon of the Tara River. Its depth is 1300 meters. By the way, the Tara River is the cleanest in Europe. They say that you can drink from it without any consequences for the body.

7. And the oldest olive tree on the planet grows in Montenegro. It grows in the city of Bar. According to scientists, the age of the tree exceeds 2000 years. Despite the fact that the plant is ancient, olives on it grow regularly every year, and thousands of tourists are eager to touch the bark of this plant veteran)

8. The climate of Montenegro is also trying to surprise. There is a village, which is considered the rainiest place in Europe. It is located on Mount Oriens.

9. Montenegro has one of the oldest cathedrals in Europe - St. Tryphon's Cathedral. The date of its foundation is 1166. Now it is a key attraction of the city of Kotor. St. Tryphon's Cathedral is 69 years older than Notre Dame Cathedral.

10. The Boyana River is the only river in the world that flows in both directions. And even earlier it was the only navigable river in Montenegro.

11. Lake Skadar is the largest lake in the Balkans. Its area is 475 km2. There are even 2 species of fish that are not found anywhere else on Earth.

12. Montenegro has the highest road bridge in Europe - the Dzhurđević Tar Bridge with a height of 166 meters.

13. By the way, Montenegro also has the highest railway bridge in the Balkans - its height is 198 m. It is located on the Belgrade - Bar.

14. In Montenegro (the city of Kotor) there is also the narrowest street in the world with a talking name - Let me pass. 2 people will not be able to comfortably pass through it.

15. And also in Montenegro, on the island of Ada Boyana, there is Europe's largest center of nudism and naturism.