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Restaurants in Vlora, Albania, offer a variety of cuisine and ambiance options. Here is a detailed description of ten popular restaurants in Vlora:

1. Restaurant Bujar (€€)
The Bujar restaurant serves Albanian and Mediterranean cuisine. Here you can enjoy fresh seafood and traditional Albanian dishes.

2. Mandarine Restaurant (€€)
Mandarine Restaurant offers a beautiful panorama of the sea and the city. Here you can taste Mediterranean cuisine, including fresh seafood and local specialties.

3. Ecuador Resort (€)
Ecuador Resort is a cozy restaurant with a wonderful view of the sea. Here you can enjoy traditional Albanian dishes at an affordable price.

4. Pita Joni Souvlaki (€)
Pita Joni Souvlaki is a great place for lovers of Greek cuisine. Here you can taste authentic Greek souvlaki and other dishes.

5. Big Scoop (€)
Big Scoop is the perfect place for ice cream lovers. Here you will find a wide selection of flavors ice cream and other desserts.
6. The Yacht Restaurant (€€)
The Yacht Restaurant offers
a stylish atmosphere and an exquisite menu of Mediterranean cuisine. Here you can enjoy fresh seafood dishes.
7. Maison des Chefs (€€€)
Maison des Chefs is a high-class restaurant with an exquisite interior and a menu of French cuisine.
Here you can taste delicious dishes from talented chefs.
8. Gjurma Restaurant (€€€)
Gjurma Restaurant offers
a unique taste experience.
Here you can enjoy dishes using local products and high-quality ingredients.
9. Dante Restaurant (€€)
Dante Restaurant is a cozy place with a traditional Albanian atmosphere.
Here you can taste Albanian cuisine at reasonable prices.
10. Kodra e Gjelber Agroturizem (€)
Kodra e Gjelber Agroturizem is
a restaurant. located in a rural area an area where you can enjoy authentic Albanian cuisine and wonderful views of the surrounding nature.
When visiting these restaurants, you will be given the opportunity to taste a variety of dishes and enjoy the hospitality of the Albanian culture.