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Tours to the Eco-Farm Mrizi and Zanave

Mrizi i Zanave is not just a farm, but a whole agro-tourist complex in Lezhe, Albania. This unique project combines organic agriculture, a restaurant with local cuisine and the possibility of excursions for visitors.

On tours of Mrizi i Zanave you can learn about the process of producing organic products, meet animals on the farm, participate in harvesting and tasting fresh products. Also as part of the tour, you can be offered to visit the Mrizi i Zanave restaurant, which serves dishes from local ingredients.

Excursions in Mrizi i Zanave are a great opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of Albanian village life, enjoy nature and taste delicious dishes. If you are interested in ecology, organic agriculture and local cuisine, a visit to Mrizi i Zanave can be a great choice for you.