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Things to do in Montenegro in March

March is great for walks and outdoor excursions. In the first half of the month, there is still snow in the mountains and the resorts of Zabljak and Kolasin receive visitors. Until mid-March, Montenegrin stores sell a winter collection of clothes and shoes with big discounts, so you can profitably update your wardrobe by next winter.
There are several reasons why it is worth going to Montenegro in March. Firstly, warm, spring weather, secondly, low prices for excursions, and thirdly, there are very few tourists. In this state of affairs, the beginning of spring is ideal for exploring Montenegro. There are many religious and architectural monuments, cultural sites and reserves in Montenegro. In clear and sunny weather, it is worth choosing outdoor excursions, because the sights framed by flowering trees and blooming greenery look much more spectacular.
The most picturesque places in Montenegro are Mount Bobotov Kuk in Zabljak, Kotor Bay in Kotor, Canyon on the Tara River in Zabljak, Lipskaya Cave in Cetina, Milocher Park in Sveti Stefan, Observation deck on the Kotor-Lovcen Road, Moraca Mountain River in Podgorica, Negoš Maus
Ski slopes are still open in the mountains until mid-March. Therefore, everyone who dreamed of snowboarding or skiing and did not have time to do it in winter is given another chance at the ski resorts of Zablyak and Kolasin. At this time, there are very few vacationers on the snowy slopes and prices are many times lower than in January-February
In March, the ecotourism season opens in Montenegro and in this regard, two events are held in Budva: "Spring Camp" and the tourist fair "Metubes". Events are organized to maintain and develop natural tourism in Montenegro.