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The best beaches of Montenegro

Top 10 best beaches in Montenegro:

1. The Great Beach (Velika Plaža) is the largest beach on the Ulcinj Riviera, located 5 km south of Ulcinj. A strip of gray basalt sand 60 meters wide stretches almost 13 km. There is a gentle and very long descent into the sea, without changes. Near the shore, the water gets cloudy from fine sand, but at depths it is quite transparent. Vacationers come here to soak up in turquoise lagoons under the hot sun.

2. Jazz is a beach coast near Budva. On both sides it is closed by the Guardian and Grbal mountains, a small river flows through the territory, there are no settlements nearby. The part of the beach, the furthest from the city of Budva, is covered with sand. There is a paid rental of sunbeds, catamarans and jet skis; showers are equipped, there are two restaurants and cafes. Descent into the sea is gentle along the entire length. The beach is suitable for recreation for both a large friendly company and families with children.
3. Kamenovo is the best beach on the Budva Riviera. It is located on the shore of a beautiful small bay, between the settlements of Rafailovichi and Przno. This is a sand and pebble strip 730 m long, divided into paid and free plots. Kamenovo offers a view of the picturesque islands. There are no residential settlements in this part of the Budva coast, so it is usually not crowded.

4. Plaža Ploce is located in the heart of the Adriatic coast, 8 kilometers from Budva. This is an idyllic, but quite crowded recreation area with a club and restaurants of different directions, with a sandy beach and beautiful landscaped pools. Artificial reservoirs are cleaned and flooded with fresh water daily. Ploce is a beach for lovers of entertainment!

5. Przno is a family recreation area, Budva Riviera. A small very cozy small-pebbled beach only 350 m long, in a natural bay. It is located on the Lustica peninsula, 30 km from Tivat to the south. The water is clear, the coastline is well-groomed. You can rent a boat and dive, observe the Iife marine life.

6. Plavi Horizonti is the most beautiful beach of Tivat Rivera in the Přno Valley. The coast is surrounded by pine forest and olive thickets, giving a constant shadow. The length of Horizonti is about 300 m; soft light sand, the bottom is shallow. There are cozy forest walking alleys on both sides.

7. Becici Beach is a wide two-kilometer sand strip 3 km southeast of Budva. Family tourists aspire here: in Becici there is a clean coast, small pebbles, a uniform long descent into the sea. There is a rental of sunbeds, catamarans and jet skis; there are hotels, cafes and bars along the coastline.

8. Ada Bojana, the Ulcinj Riviera, is located on a bulk river island, on an area of 350 hectares. Nudist island, an ideal place for active and sports recreation. The coastline with a length of 3.8 km is covered with shell-coral sand, which is rich in mineral and biologically active substances that have a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system.

9. Lucice is located in the Budva Riviera, near Petrovac. It is covered by mountains, surrounded by a pine forest; the water is crystal clear, the atmosphere is romantic. A small sandy beach with a children's playground hidden in the shade. This is a beach for a comfortable and relaxing holiday in nature.

10. Buljarica is the largest beach in the Budva Riviera, with a length of more than 2 km. It is located in the bay of the same name Buljarica. This is a picturesque corner with a pebble shore, a partially wild recreation area with small equipped areas. There is no tourist hype here even in season.