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Pricing policy

Unlike the favorite places of tourists, Albania has reasonable prices for everything from housing to entertainment and excursions. The country has only recently opened its doors to foreign guests, but it certainly has something to show and surprise.

In addition to unforgettable natural landscapes, the country is famous for its unusually good-natured people, despite many years of tyranny, they have not lost the spirit of hospitality and always warmly welcome tourists.

Cooks are also ready to treat their visitors to extraordinary traditional cuisine, which differs from other European cuisine. It is worth noting that, despite the generally accepted opinion that the country is purely Muslim, there is a distinct mixture of religions, a lot of temples representing the culture of different directions.

Important: despite the fact that tourists are treated cordially here, it is worth counting money without leaving the ticket office.

The cost of holidays in Albania in 2022 is one of the most budget offers on the market: prices in Albania are low, but, despite this, local resorts have not yet gained wide popularity. And in vain: a favorable climate, good beaches and affordable prices promise good prospects for the country's tourism sector. In terms of color and orientation, Albania is somewhat similar to Russian southern cities

If you evaluate the price level as a whole, here are the conclusions I can draw to you:

Food costs as much as in a store in Minsk or Moscow 
Eating in restaurants is a little cheaper than ours, but not much

Car rental prices are very budget, but gasoline is just sky-high

Accommodation, especially on the first line, especially in high season, is also not for 5 euros per day, but much more expensive

Fresh fish, although it is a sea country, costs like in Italy or Spain

Well, you understand, yes, it's not expensive Barcelona or space at Swiss prices, but also not Southeast Asia where $5 is normal money. Many prices are commensurate with ours, something more expensive, something cheaper.