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Delicious gastronomic tours of Montenegro

Especially for our tourists, we have developed a real gastronomic tour of Montenegro. Going with us, you will get acquainted with all our main delicacies. You will understand how diverse Montenegrin cuisine is and how welcoming Montenegrins welcome their guests! In fact, it is impossible to really get to know the country without trying its traditional dishes!
The village of Negushi, which is located in the heart of Lovcen National Park. Here we will visit the family smokehouse and a real high-altitude cheese factory. You will witness the production of the main cold delicacies in Montenegro: prshutov and cheeses. After getting acquainted with the production, you will find a tasting of these amazing treats. You can also try homemade herbal tinctures and local rakia here.
In Montenegro, there are more and more objects in the form of eco-farms! One of the Tsarevich Eco Farm, especially loved by our guests! On the territory of the eco farm there is a production of cheese and meat delicacies. Cheese production is located in the same building as the restaurant. Here you can go and see how cheese is produced and even buy it. Opposite the cheese factory there is a workshop with the production of meat delicacies.
Near the restaurant there is a playground, and near it there is a corner with animals: chickens, deer, mouflons. Everyone calls this corner a mini zoo. The territory of the farm is very large, you can walk everywhere. A lot of families with children come here, there is something to show them. Who hasn't been yet, be sure to visit, we recommend!