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Albanian cafes and restaurants

Albania has a huge number of catering establishments in any city from small to large. You definitely won't stay hungry here. Coffee shops occupy a special place. Where there is only coffee and water on the menu.

There are a lot of places where you can smoke in the common room. If it's important, pay attention to it.

They always cook quickly. Usually the order is delivered within 20 minutes. There is no such thing as in Zanzibar, where the order can be waited for 2 hours.

The portions are always relatively large. Not huge, but impressive.

There are places where a kilogram of seafood will cost you 3.5€! Yes, yes!!!! Exactly for a kilogram 🔥not even for a portion!

The working hours of such institutions are usually from 12 noon to 24 hours or even until one o'clock in the morning.

There are also quite a few All Inclusive hotels in the country.

But you know, even if your hotel doesn't have breakfast, let alone lunch and dinner, you won't stay hungry in Albania. Cafes and restaurants at affordable prices, there are a huge number of them.

. The most popular cuisine is Balkan cuisine. The portions are huge. You definitely won't stay hungry. And the prices for dinner in the restaurant are available to tourists with any budget.

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