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Lake Skadar is the largest reservoir in Montenegro

If you dream of fishing on the shore of a beautiful lake surrounded by wildlife, admiring amazing landscapes and visiting ancient fortresses, go on a trip to Lake Skadar (Montenegro) - the largest in the Balkans, on the banks of which the oldest buildings have been preserved - fortresses, small villages, churches and monasteries. The reservoir is fed by 6 rivers, and only one flows out - Boyana, which flows into the Adriatic Sea.The lake is the largest natural freshwater reservoir in the Balkans with an area of 475 square kilometers. The average depth is 5 meters, at the deepest point - 8 meters. In summer, the water warms up to a comfortable temperature of + 27 degrees for swimming. Lake Skadar is a park of national importance, the only one in Montenegro where the aquatic ecosystem prevails.

Most of the reservoir belongs to Montenegro, a third is in Albania. The lake is named after the city of Skadar, which is located in the southeastern part.

In the west and southwest, the park is protected by the Dinara Highlands. In the north and east, the shores are more gentle and mostly covered with swamps.
A large number of birds live here, many winter on lake shores, and some stop to relax between flights. Scientists have recorded more than 280 varieties of birds, including black ibis and Dalmatian pelican. These birds live only on a lake in Montenegro. It is not surprising that the pond is recognized as a zone of international importance for the protection and breeding of birds.

Why does the lake attract fishing enthusiasts? The fact is that almost 50 species of fish live in the waters. The rich world of fauna includes 50 species of mammals, amphibians and a variety of insects. In summer, the shore of the reservoir is completely covered by a thick, green carpet of bushes and herbs.