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Beach excursions to Albania

Albania offers many opportunities for beach holidays and excursions. Here are some popular beaches and places to visit in Albania:

1. Ksamil Beach is a beautiful beach with clear water and white sand, located in the south of the country.

2. Durres Beach is one of the most popular resorts in Albania, with many restaurants, bars and shops.

3. Saranda is a picturesque town in the south-east of Albania, from where you can make excursions to the islands of Xamil and Corfu.

4. Berat is an ancient city included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, located in the mountains and offering beautiful views of the surrounding area.

5. Gyrokastra is another city included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, with beautiful architecture and amazing views.

Beach excursions in Albania promise to be unforgettable, thanks to the beautiful beaches, clean water and the unique atmosphere of the country.
Beach excursions to Albania
We invite you to an exciting journey along the picturesque beaches of Albania, where endless expanses of the sea, warm sunny sand and amazingly clear waters await you. Your adventure will begin with a visit to Xamil Beach, which is famous for its snow-white sand dunes and crystal clear water. Here you can enjoy a relaxing holiday by the sea or try different types of water sports.

Next, your route will take you to Durres beach, where you will plunge into the atmosphere of celebration and entertainment. Here you can taste local delicacies, visit cozy restaurants and enjoy the sunset, which turns the sky orange.

The next stop is the city of Saranda, from where you will go on exciting excursions to the islands of Xamil and Corfu. Here you will find amazing underwater landscapes, sea caves and secluded coves where you can spend a romantic day alone with nature.

At the end of your trip, you will visit the ancient cities of Berat and Grokastra, where you will find amazing architectural monuments, narrow streets and breathtaking views of the mountains and the sea.
Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a unique beach holiday in Albania and discover new facets of beauty and pleasure!