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Spring tours of the Balkan Triangle

Sights of Montenegro✨

Montenegro is a small European country that attracts the attention of tourists with clean ecology, unique nature, historical and architectural monuments. You won't be bored on vacation if you know the main sights of this amazing area.

Who likes monasteries can visit the monastery of Chelia Piperskaya, which is surrounded by wild peach gardens. And in its central part there is the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, where the relics of St. Stephen of Piper (founder of this monastery) rest.

Several religious organizations can be visited in Budva:

🔹 Church of the Holy Trinity,
🔹Church Of St. Ivana,

🔹St. Anton's Church,

🔹Church of the Virgin Mary.

There are many interesting places in the Gulf of Kotor. Each settlement is rich in buildings of the Middle Ages. All the sights of this area are concentrated in Kotor, a resort town on the shore of the bay:

1⃣Old mansions;

2⃣Tables and walls of various fortresses;

3⃣St. Tripun's Cathedral;

4⃣Princely palaces of Grubonia, Drago, Pima, Bizanti;

5⃣Churches Of The Virgin, St. Nicholas,
The natural attractions of Montenegro are numerous canyons located in the mountains. You can admire the landscapes at the Ali Pasha spring; in the canyons of the rivers Sushitsa, Moracha, Mrtvitsa, Platiye; near the waterfalls in the Proklekiye Mountains, as well as near the beautiful lakes of Visitorsko, Plavsko, Ridskoe.

Fishing lovers will find something to do on Shatsky Lake. To get to it, you will have to use the services of a boat taxi.

The beauty of this beautiful country is limitless, and it is impossible to describe everything. It's better to come here and see everything with your own eyes.

We invite you to an incredible journey through the Balkan Peninsula, during which you will visit the most picturesque Balkan countries: Chernogoria, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina! Any excursion is to your attention to choose from:


• gastronomic tours


•Active excursions

• tours to thermal springs

•Excursions to historical sites

And many others!

The Balkans are one of the best options for a budget trip to Europe, which will be full of impressions, attractions, unusual architecture, a variety of natural landscapes and history!
In spring, the Balkan countries are especially beautiful, and the Adriatic coast will delight you with the purest waters and unforgettable sunsets!