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Top 10 unique dishes in Albania

1. Fërgesë: The traditional Albanian dish Fërgesë is made from processed cheese, paprika, tomatoes and other aromatic seasonings. The ingredients are fried and baked in a mold, creating a rich and fragrant taste.

2. Tave Kosi: This is a national Albanian dish in which lamb and rice are baked together with a mixture of yogurt and eggs, giving the dish a unique aroma and tenderness.

3. Qofte: Qofte are fried balls made from rice, eggs and various herbs, offering a unique combination of taste and texture. They are a traditional dish of Gjirokastra and are second to none.

4. Pispili: Pispili is a wonderful Albanian breakfast dish, fried on both sides, creating the perfect combination of herbs, eggs, yogurt and corn flour.

5. Flija: Flija is an Albanian dish that is a unique combination of taste and texture, as it is made from layers of dough with dairy products.

6. Lakror: Lakror is a traditional Albanian pie, prepared from extracted dough with a variety of fillings, creating a unique taste experience.

7. Kukurec: Kukurec is a sheep liver filled with meat and vegetables, creating a unique taste experience.

8. Speca te kuq Salce Kosi: This is a traditional Albanian dish consisting of stuffed peppers with yogurt and various spices.

9. Paella: Paella is a very popular dish in Albania made from fresh seafood caught in the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea. It will bring a sea flavor and richness of tastes to your trip to Albania.

10. Kunefe: Kunefe is a real oriental sweetness consisting of cheese and thin layers of kadayafi. It is prepared by baking the cheese in layers of dough until golden brown, and then poured with syrup and sprinkled with chopped nuts. Kunefe is very popular in Albania.

I hope these descriptions will help you better understand the diversity and richness of Albanian cuisine!