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Active excursions to the mountains of Montenegro

Travel to the heart of Montenegro: An active excursion to the mountains

Join us on an exciting adventure along the mountain trails of Montenegro, where you will find unique views, amazing nature and the opportunity to test yourself in various activities.


1. *Day 1: Arrival in Montenegro*
- Meeting at the airport and transfer to a cozy mountain hotel.
- Getting to know the guides and exploring the surrounding area.

2. *Day 2: Hiking and exploring the local culture*
- Morning hike along scenic trails with views of the mountain peaks.
- Lunch at a traditional Montenegrin hotel, where you will taste local delicacies.
- Visit historical sites and get acquainted with local customs.

3. *Day 3: Mountaineering and adventures at altitude*
- Climbing one of the highest peaks of Montenegro under the guidance of experienced instructors.
- Lunch at the top with stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

4. *Day 4: Water Adventures*
- Rafting on a mountain river or kayaking on Lake Skadar.
- In the evening, free time for rest or additional activities.
5. *Day 5: Farewell to the mountains
- Breakfast at the hotel and transfer to the airport for departure home.
Join us and plunge into the unique world of Montenegro, where every day is filled with new discoveries, impressions and adventures.