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Unforgettable tours to the mountains of Albania

A trip to the mountains of Albania is an unforgettable adventure for lovers of outdoor activities and beautiful natural landscapes. Here are some amazing tours to the mountains of Albania that can be an unforgettable experience:

1. Walbona hike: The Valbona district in Northern Albania offers stunning mountain scenery, clean rivers and picturesque villages. Hiking in the Valbona Valley will allow you to enjoy the beauty of alpine meadows, waterfalls and mountain peaks.

2. Climbing Mount Yanitsa: Mount Yanitsa is one of the highest peaks in Albania. Climbing this mountain is a serious test for climbers, but the reward will be breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

3. Tour of Lura National Park: Lura National Park is located in the central part of Albania and offers a variety of routes for hiking and hiking. You will be able to see ancient forests, mountain lakes, as well as meet various species of wild animals.

4. Hike to Lake Komani: Lake Komani, surrounded by high mountains, is one of the most picturesque places in Albania. A hike to Lake Komani will allow you to enjoy crystal clear water, amazing views and privacy surrounded by nature.

5. Alpine skiing in Bolshoi Hodge: For winter sports lovers, there is a great opportunity to ski in the Bolshoy Hodge ski resort. Here you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding, as well as see stunning mountain scenery.

These tours to the mountains of Albania will give you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the alpine nature, active adventures and unforgettable impressions of the unique landscape of this beautiful country.