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Tour of the monasteries

Excursion "Three Temples" will introduce you to the main Orthodox shrines of Montenegro You will visit the famous Cetinje Monastery, with its Christian relics, the high-altitude monastery Ostrog, where the miraculous relics of St. Vasily Ostrogsky, as well as the picturesque monastery of Daibabe. You will have a unique opportunity to walk the old path of Montenegrin monks and receive the holy blessing of the spiritual monastery.

Cetina Monastery. The monastery has repeatedly sheltered Montenegrins from the Turkish invaders, which was destroyed by enemies more than five times, but has always been restored. In the chapel of the monastery, the right hand of John the Baptist is kept, a piece of the cross on which Christ and the relics of Peter Cetinsky (one of the great Lords of Montenegro) were crucified.

Ostrog Monastery. Great is the glory of the Orthodox monastery Ostrog, which was built in 1650 at an altitude of about 900 meters above sea level by St. Basil of Ostrog, whose relics now rest inside the monastery. Ostrog Monastery is one of the shrines of Orthodox Montenegro.

Daibabe Monastery. The monastery only looks like an ordinary church, but if you go inside, you can find a whole underground complex. The history of the construction of the monastery is quite interesting. Once a peasant had a dream in which a saint, buried in these places, asked him to build at least a small church in honor of his holy teacher. The peasant told his dream to St. Simeon, and he realized that they were being addressed by a disciple of St. Sava, whose relics were just hidden from the Turks in these places. With the support of King Nicholas, a monastery church was built at the end of the 19th century. Paintings by St. Simeon can still be found on the walls of the caves.