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Holidays on the coast of Albania with the best beach excursions

Holidays on the coast of Albania can be very exciting and interesting! Here are some beaches and excursions that are worth visiting during your vacation:

1. Ksamil Beach: This beach is located in the south of Albania and is famous for its crystal clear waters and white sand. Here you can enjoy a relaxing holiday and picturesque views.

2. Durres Beach: This is one of the most popular beaches in Albania, located near the capital of Tirana. Here you will find many cafes, restaurants and opportunities for water sports.

3. Excursion to the city of Berat: Visit this ancient city known as the "City of a Thousand Windows" and enjoy its unique architecture and atmosphere.

4. Excursion to Lura National Park: Visit this park to enjoy beautiful nature, mountain scenery and the opportunity to take walks.

5. Excursion to Sazan Island: Explore this beautiful island, which served as a military base in the past, and enjoy its secluded beaches and interesting history.

Don't forget to also try local cuisine, including fresh seafood, olive oil and traditional dishes. Enjoy your vacation on the coast of Albania!