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Shopping tour to Bosnia

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a great place for a shopping tour, especially if you are interested in unique handicrafts, souvenirs and local products. Some of the popular places for shopping in Bosnia and Herzegovina include:

1. Bashcharshiya Bazaar in Sarajevo - here you will find a wide selection of souvenirs, handmade, jewelry, carpets and other goods.

2. Trg Bijelašica in Sarajevo is a great place to buy local products such as honey, cheeses, wines and other delicacies.

3. Trg Oslooboge in Sarajevo - here you will find shops with clothes, shoes, accessories and other goods.

4. Mostarski ford on the Neretva River is a place where you can buy traditional Bosnian souvenirs, such as handmade jewelry and ceramics.

5. Tsarshiya Bazaar in Sarajevo - here you can find a variety of goods, ranging from clothes and shoes to jewelry and interior items.

Don't forget to bargain when buying at local markets and bazaars, as it's part of the local culture. In general, a shopping tour to Bosnia and Herzegovina promises to be exciting and memorable!