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Daibabe Monastery

Daibabe Monastery is one of the oldest and most sacred places in Montenegro, located on a beautiful hill near the city of Kotor. This monastery has a rich history and is a place of pilgrimage for believers and tourists.

As part of the tour of the Daibabe Monastery, you will be able to:

- Visit the ancient monastery, founded in the XIV century and has preserved its architecture and spiritual significance to this day.

- Learn about the history and significance of this place related to the religious and cultural traditions of Montenegro.

- Look at the amazing frescoes, icons and other works of art stored in the monastery.

- Spend time in the silence and tranquility of this sacred place, enjoying the beauty of nature and the spiritual atmosphere.

A tour of the Daibabe monastery will allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of spirituality and history, learn more about the Orthodox culture of Montenegro and feel the special energy of this unique place. We invite you to take this journey along the spiritual trails of Montenegro!