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Brewery and wineries in Montenegro and Albania

The tour includes visits to vineyards and wineries, brews, wine tasting, different beers accompanied by local snacks! We will tell you what wines are produced in the Balkans - winemaking traditions, grape varieties, key wine regions! Let's visit the Kraft breweries in Montenegro and Albania!

You can find out what wines are sold in any supermarket, but listen to the story, find out how for 60 years this company has been a market leader, and most importantly - to see the wine cellar in the tunnel where the Yugoslav Military Air Base used to be - isn't it a dream?

Many people do not know and are surprised, but there are many wineries and breweries in Albania and they produce good and high-quality wine and beer!

You will learn what to drink in Albania except juice, where you can not only drink in Albania except juice, where you can not only drink, but also see how they do, what you can drink. I will try to touch upon all aspects of Albanian alcohol.

Let's talk about the origin and taste rakia and local cognac!

In conclusion: you definitely won't stay sober in this country. Albania's wines will surprise many with their quality and price. And there are alcoholic beverages in Albania both for stronger lovers and for those who like to drink cold beer from lunch. 😅In general, we are going on a real adult 18+ tour and boldly go to the best regions of the Balkan Peninsula!