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Tour of Albania in Albania

Gastro tour is a new, but already fashionable, direction of tourism. You don't just visit the country, but literally try it for TASTE.

You taste a variety of local dishes, attend MASTER CLASSES on their preparation, travel to the most interesting cities and immerse yourself in all the subtleties and nuances hidden from the eyes of ordinary tourists.

What is the DIFFERENCE between this gastro tour and everyone else❓

1. ALBANIA is a mysterious, bright, friendly and hospitable country in EUROPE.

2. The sea! And another sea! TWO SEAS At Once!

3. Environmentally friendly and fresh products. No chemistry in agriculture at the legislative level!

4. A trip to a real Albanian WEDDING evening!

5. Visit to WINERY with tasting. In DIFFERENT cities!

6. Baking national BUREKS in a traditional Albanian village.

7. Walks through the cities, coast and MOUNTAINS of Albania! Optionally.