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Albanian cuisine

Albanian cuisine echoes Turkish and Balkan classics. However, the locals skillfully adapted it to themselves. They like meat, fresh vegetables, fragrant spices here. We'll tell you what every tourist should try in Albania✅

Albanians love meat and skillfully cook hearty homemade food. Order in a local restaurant:

Tavë Kosi | Tavë Kosi

Schumlek | Schumlek

Fërgesë Tirane | Fërges Tirana

Qofte | Kefte

Speça me Gjize | Spetsa me jiz

Kukurech | Kokorech

Byrek | Burek

Supë Peshku | Pawn soup

Kabuni | Kabuni

Shendetli | Shendetli

In essence, it is a fusion of the cuisines of a whole bunch of countries that have ever surrounded Albania or influenced it, plus its cuisine was strongly influenced by its own Mediterranean-Balkan location, as well as its own culinary preferences, features and nuances.

That is, in other words, we can safely say that Albanian cuisine is Mediterranean cuisine, formed under the influence of both its own preferences and Italian, Turkish, French and Greek cuisines. And another interesting point: despite its own unsimilar Albanian language, many dishes in Albania have Turkish, Italian and even Slavic names!