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Excursions to the mountains of Montenegro

The mountains of Montenegro offer incredible opportunities for hiking, hiking, mountaineering and other outdoor activities. Here are some interesting excursions to the mountains of Montenegro:

1. Durmitor National Park Hike: This park is located in the Durmitor Mountains and is known for its beautiful nature, mountain lakes, waterfalls and panoramic views. You can go on one-day or multi-day hikes, visit the Black Lake glacier and other attractions.

2. Climbing Mount Lovcen: Mount Lovcen is one of the highest peaks in Montenegro. From the top there is a stunning view of Budva, Kotor, the Montenegrin coast and the Adriatic Sea. Climbing Lovcen Mountain can be either an independent hike or a guided tour.

3. Hiking along the Peter I Trail: This trail leads to the place where Peter I Petrovich Romanov, the Russian emperor, built his summer palace. Along the way, you can see beautiful landscapes, medieval fortresses and ancient monasteries.
4. Mountaineering in the Biokovo Mountains: The Biokovo Mountains are located on the border of Croatia and Montenegro and offer excellent conditions for mountaineering. Here you can practice rock climbing, mountaineering and other extreme sports.
5. Tara River Canyon Excursion: The Tara River Canyon is considered one of the deepest in Europe and offers stunning views and opportunities for rafting, kayaking and other water activities.
Do not forget to prepare for hiking in the mountains, have appropriate equipment, including comfortable shoes, protection from the sun and water, as well as monitor the weather forecast and route safety.