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Street coffee houses in Montenegro with an incomparable menu and local traditions

Street coffee shops in Montenegro are not just places where you can drink coffee, they are a real part of the local culture and lifestyle. Here's how you can describe street coffee shops in Montenegro:

1. Atmosphere: Street coffee houses in Montenegro are usually located on the narrow streets of old cities or in squares surrounded by old buildings. The atmosphere here is cozy, with the ease inherent in southern countries.

2. Coffee: Local coffee shops are famous for their incomparable coffee. Here you can try different types of coffee drinks, such as espresso, Turkish coffee or macchiato. Coffee is prepared with special attention to detail, and each order is prepared individually.

3. Traditions: In street coffee shops you can observe local traditions of communication. People gather here to chat, spend time with friends or just enjoy the moment. This is a place where you can learn more about local life and culture, exchange news and just enjoy the atmosphere.

4. Snacks: Coffee in Montenegro is usually served with a variety of snacks, such as fresh pastries, cakes or traditional sweets. You can also try local desserts, which go well with fragrant coffee.

5. Types of coffee shops: Depending on the city, street coffee shops may have their own characteristics. For example, in Kotor or Budva, coffee shops can be located on terraces overlooking the sea, creating a unique atmosphere.

A visit to a street coffee shop in Montenegro is not just a coffee reception, it is a real immersion in the local culture and lifestyle.