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Gastro tours to Montenegro

Montenegro is an amazing country with a rich culture and diverse cuisine. Gastrotours to Montenegro offer a unique opportunity to get acquainted with local culinary traditions, taste local delicacies and enjoy the atmosphere of hospitality of this country.

During gastro tours in Montenegro, you can visit various restaurants, cafes and traditional farms where you can taste authentic Montenegrin dishes such as Neretvan pasta, prshut (dry ham), kaimak (dairy product), pastrma (lamb ham) and much more.

Gastro tours in Montenegro may also include visits to local markets, where you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, honey, cheeses and other products from local producers. In addition, you can participate in master classes on cooking local dishes and learn the secrets of Montenegrin cuisine.

Gastrotours in Montenegro also offer a unique opportunity to get acquainted with local winemaking traditions and visit wineries, where you can taste various varieties of local wines.

Immersion in Montenegrin gastronomy will allow you not only to enjoy delicious dishes, but also to better understand the local culture and customs of this amazing country.