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Grand Tour of Montenegro

Your journey begins in Kotor, where every stone breathes history. Here, among the narrow cobbled streets, you will meet the spirit of the past, revived in the walls of the ancient Cathedral of St. Tryphon. Discover the inspiring story of Blessed Ozana and Saint Tryphon, whose names are forever inscribed in the annals of the city.
Climbing the winding mountain serpentine, you will reach Cetinje, the capital of Montenegro, where every corner is filled with the spirit of grandeur and tradition. The Cetinje Monastery, founded in the 15th century, will open its doors to you so that you can touch the ancient Orthodox shrines and feel the connection of the times.
Then your path will take you to the shores of Lake Skadar, where you will have a boat trip on the largest lake in the Balkans. The water surface of the lake reflects clouds and mountain peaks, creating unique landscapes that take your breath away.
And finally, Lipska Cave is an underground kingdom with incredible karst formations. Discover this mysterious world where stalactites and stalagmites are painted they draw unique patterns on stone walls. Get ready for an adventure in the coolness of the cave, where the air temperature perfectly preserves the pristine
beauty of the dungeon.
This trip will be filled with sensations and impressions that you will no doubt experience while exploring the amazing places of Montenegro. May your journey be full of discoveries and bright moments!
The temperature in the cave is constant, ranging from 8-12 degrees Celsius. Grab a light jacket and get ready for an adventure in the karst heart of Montenegro!