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Sweet excursions to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina offers many opportunities for sweet excursions, including visits to local pastry shops, tasting traditional sweets and participating in master classes on cooking sweet dishes. Here are some ideas for sweet excursions in this beautiful country:

1. Visit pastry shops in Sarajevo, Mostar and other cities to taste local sweets such as baklava, tuliumba and rakhat-lukum.

2. Organize a tour of the chocolate factory or the workshop for the production of traditional sweets.

3. Take part in a master class on cooking Bosnian sweets to learn how to make them yourself.

4. Visit the local market and try various homemade desserts that are sold there.

5. Visit local coffee shops and enjoy sweet pastries such as baklava or pita with pumpkin.

Don't forget to also try traditional drinks, such as Turkish coffee or rakia, to fully immerse yourself in the culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina.