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Montenegrin hotels

A great option for staying on vacation in Montenegro are five-star all-inclusive hotels. They are distinguished by excellent service and other various amenities typical of hotels of this category!

In Montenegro, there are mainly three- or four-star hotels. Some of them outside are more like boarding houses, but inside they fully meet hotel standards. Three-star hotels are characterized by a small area of rooms and the lack of a safe in the rooms. In addition, many of them do not provide all inclusive meals and no animation programs. Nevertheless, it is hotels of this class that traditionally enjoy the highest demand among tourists coming to Montenegro.

Three-star hotels are the best combination of good service and reasonable price. They have cozy interiors, pleasant atmosphere, good breakfasts, plus a fairly favorable location - close to the beach or urban infrastructure.

Four-star hotels along the Adriatic coast are a very common phenomenon. The service provided to guests there is only slightly different from the highest standard hotels, interior and exterior differences are also minimal. There are especially many hotels with four stars in Budva, Tivat, Kotor, Ulcinj! The price, first of all, depends on the popularity of the resort among foreign guests. Four-star hotels offer residents breakfast, most of them also have half board.

All these hotels are distinguished by an excellent location, close to the beach area, excellent service and additional amenities, such as a swimming pool, beautiful interior and a very cozy atmosphere that does not disturb the peace and comfort of residents!