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Rafting on the Tara River

For lovers of natural landscapes and thrills, we offer an exciting water adventure through the protected areas of Montenegro, or rather along the Tara River, which forms the deepest canyon in Europe in its lower reaches.
Rafting on Tara is an unforgettable adventure!
Rafting is rafting on rapids on large inflatable frameless raft vessels, which have great buoyancy, are reliable, stable on the water and are convenient for accommodating a group of tourists up to 8 people. Rafting is available not only to experienced water tourists, but also to those who have never held an oar in their hands. Each traveler is provided with individual protective equipment: a wetsuit, special rubber boots, a life jacket and a helmet. During the rafting, tourists sit on the sides of the raft and row with oars under the guidance of an instructor who gives simple commands regarding the direction of work with oars.

One day tour
This tour gives you the opportunity for more than 18 kilometers to admire the most beautiful and
picturesque kilometers of the Tara River. From Brshtanovica to the very Szczepan Field where the Tara river takes over the Beer River, where the Drina River is born. There are over 20 rapids and rapids on this part of the way, which represent the most exciting part of the journey. Rafting is carried out on special boats for wild waters with eight seats with a length of five and a width of two meters, which ensures complete safety for tourists. The boats are operated by instructors who were born near the Tara River and know all its mores, all its keys, pools, whirlpools and rapids. Such images in the hands of experienced masters (instructors) rafting on the river is as safe as possible. Each participant is equipped with a life jacket and a hard hat, in case of rain and cool weather, rafting participants are offered diving suits and raincoats.
The price includes: rustic breakfast (homemade cheese, dried meat, fried eggs, tea), lunch, transfer to and from rafting. The price does not include all other expenses not anticipated by this tour