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here is a detailed description of ten restaurants in Shkodra, Albania:

1. Atelier Restaurant & Boutique Hotel (€€):

Atelier Restaurant & Boutique Hotel offers an exquisite combination of a restaurant and a boutique hotel. Here you can enjoy exquisite cuisine, which is a mixture of Mediterranean and local Albanian cuisine. The restaurant is also famous for its desserts and a wide selection of wines.

2. Pasta Fresca (€):

Pasta Fresca is a cozy place specializing in fresh pasta and Italian dishes. Here you will find a variety of types of pasta, sauces, antipasti and desserts.

3. Manifatura (€€):

Manifatura offers unique Mediterranean cuisine made with fresh local products. The restaurant is famous for its traditional dishes and atmosphere.

4. Mullari Vau Dejes (€):

Mullari Vau Dejes is a restaurant specializing in local Albanian dishes and seafood. Here you can enjoy fresh catches and traditional Albanian recipes.

5. Loredano Restorant (€€):

Loredano Restorant offers a wide range of dishes, including meat, fish and vegetarian options. The restaurant is famous for its exquisite dishes and friendly atmosphere.

6. Arti Zanave (€):

Arti Zanave is a cozy restaurant with a rustic meal atmosphere, where you can enjoy traditional Albanian dishes and hospitality.

7. Minimal (€):

Minimal is a stylish place with a unique atmosphere where you can enjoy author's cuisine and creative dishes.

8. Restaurant Arbri (€€):

Restaurant Arbri offers exquisite Albanian cuisine made with fresh ingredients. The restaurant is also famous for its wines and drinks.

9. Fish Art (€€):

Fish Art is a restaurant specializing in fresh seafood dishes. Here you can enjoy a variety of fish, seafood and delicacies.

10. Ada Beach Restaurant (€€):

Ada Beach Restaurant is a beach restaurant where you can enjoy fresh seafood and relax in a pleasant atmosphere near the shore.

I hope this information will help you choose the right place for a pleasant lunch or dinner in Shkodra!