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A little bit about Albania

We offer you to visit one of the best destinations in tourism - unexplored ALBANIA!

This is a special country, a country with a colossal history and stunning seas - the Adriatic and Ionian, a country where there are places where a person did not step! A country where you will really be welcome!

Albania will amaze you with its cuisine and delicious products without the addition of GMOs, the sea will please you with its warmth and transparency, and the mountains will majestically accept and you will feel this air - the sea, sun, eucalyptus and mountains...

Food in Albania is an additional occasion to visit this beautiful country. Portions in restaurants are huge and tasty, Albanian cuisine is dominated by meat and fish products of the highest quality.

Any additives (E, flavors, stabilizers, flavor enhancers, GMOs) are prohibited by Albanian legislation! All products ofAlbania are created by nature itself, WITHOUT any external additives, which makes the taste of food really true, rich and unique!