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Restaurants in Podgorica

Gastronometing to restaurants in Podgorica, Montenegro, can be exciting and diverse. Below are a few restaurants that are worth visiting during your gastro trip:

1. Start your gastronomic journey with dinner in the cozy Le Bistro Vert, where you can enjoy exquisite European cuisine.

2. Then go to Restoran 13 Jul Plantaze, where you will find an atmosphere of luxury and excellent wines from local wineries.

3. Continue your culinary journey to Restoran Porto, where you can taste Mediterranean cuisine and enjoy views of the Morachu River.

4. End the day in the cozy Host Lounge Bar, where you can enjoy snacks and cocktails in a pleasant atmosphere.

This is only a small part of the restaurants that are worth visiting in Podgorica, Montenegro, to plunge into the local gastronomic culture and enjoy the variety of cuisine of this region.