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Canyons of Montenegro

1. Tara River Canyon

One of the deepest canyons in the world, the Tara River Canyon impresses with its size and picturesque views. Here you can walk along the famous đurđević Bridge, enjoy rafting on the turbulent waters of the river and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of wildlife.

2. Moraca River Canyon

The Moraca River Canyon surprises with its beauty and variety of landscapes. Here you can walk along picturesque trails, admire the waterfalls and enjoy the clean mountain air.

3. Chizhevac River Canyon

The Cijevac River Canyon offers privacy and tranquility among mountain peaks and green forests. Here you can go hiking, enjoy bird singing and feel united with nature.

4. Crnojevic River Canyon

The canyon of the Crnojevic River impresses with its wild and untouched nature. Here you can meet a variety of animals, ride a boat on crystal clear water and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the mountains.

Immerse yourself in the world of the canyons of Montenegro and feel all the beauty and grandeur of the nature of these amazing places.