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Lake of Skadar monasteries

We start our trip from the coast by car and take a scenic road to the shore of Lake Skadar. There we will transfer to a comfortable speedboat and go to the southern part of Lake Skadar, where we will visit with you two island monasteries of the 14th and 15th centuries. Beshka and Morachnik.
Beshka Monastery (the second name of Gorica) is located on an island in the southern part of Lake Skadar. It consists of two churches of St. George (built 1385-1403) and the Blessed Virgin Mary (built 1438-1440). Today it is an active convent.
The next monastery, Morachnik, is located in the east of the island of the same name, as well as in the southern part of Lake Skadar. It is 13 kilometers from the border with Albania.
The Morachnik Monastery with the Church of the Holy Virgin was first mentioned in 1417. Today the Morachnik monastery is an active men's monastery.
On the way back, if desired, there is a stop for swimming.
After disembarking, guests can optionally choose a picnic in a picturesque clearing by the rivers Moracha (fried Skadar fish, homemade cheese, wine – 10 euros per person or lunch at a national restaurant (SELF-PAID).