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Wine excursions to Albania

Wine tours are also held in Albania, which allow visitors to get acquainted with local wineries, winemaking traditions and, of course, enjoy tasting Albanian wines.

On wine excursions in Albania, it is usually suggested to visit various wineries in regions such as Kavaya, Berat or Tirana. During the tour, visitors can see the process of grape cultivation, wine production, storage and aging of drinks. It also talks about local grape varieties, production technologies and features of Albanian winemaking.

After getting acquainted with the winemaking process, you usually follow the tasting of various varieties of local wines. Visitors can taste red, white and rose wines, learn their features and enjoy the aromas and tastes.

Wine excursions in Albania are usually organized by travel agencies or directly on the site of the winery. This is a great opportunity not only to enjoy excellent Albanian wines, but also to get acquainted with the culture and traditions of this amazing country.