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Thermal springs of Albania

Albanian resorts with thermal waters (they are rich in F, Ca, Na, Mg and other elements) are waiting for everyone who wants to forget about the skin, ailments of the heart, blood vessels, musculoskeletal system and nervous system. For those who have kidney problems (including kidney stones), we recommend visiting the commune of Selita, where they will be prescribed a therapeutic course with local healing waters. Elbasan is a source of thermal water enriched with hydrogen sulfide. They break out of the bowels of the earth from a depth of almost 2 kilometers, and help to solve skin, female, problems with the stomach, blood vessels, joints and respiratory organs.

Anyone will be able to relax and undergo treatment at the TermalIliria thermal treatment center. They offer a massage session (relaxing massage is done using oils, which reduces muscle atrophy, tone up the lymphatic and venous systems), physiotherapeutic (prescribed to those with muscle problems) and thermal procedures. Most treatment methods are based on the use of natural thermal waters (thermal baths last 10-15 minutes a day; they are prescribed for patients with neuritis, arthritis, rheumatism, skin ailments, such as chronic urticaria, psoriasis and eczema) and mineral mud (dirt is used daily for 10-20 minutes at a Temperature +45-48 degrees; they also have a good cosmetic effect - they have an antibacterial effect, eliminate dandruff, black spots and acne, as well as give hair shine and strengthen roots). In Elbasan, the following facilities deserve the attention of travelers:

The bazaar gate (it has been preserved since 1466, when a noisy bazaar unfolded near the gate);

Turkish baths (building of the 16th century);

Fortress of the 15th century (it consists of 26 towers, which are equidistant from each other);

Museum of Partisan Warfare (exhibits in the form of photos, drawings, documents, personal belongings of the partisans will tell about the events of World War II, as a result of which Albania was liberated from the occupation troops of Italy and Germany in 1944).
As for Orthodox Christians, they should visit the monastery of St. John Vladimir (this is a landmark of the suburb of Elbasan).