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Here is a detailed description for the Top 10 restaurants in Tivat, Porto Montenegro:

1. Bevanda Ristorante

- Price range: €€€

- Description: Bevanda Ristorante offers exquisite Italian cuisine in a cozy atmosphere. Here you can enjoy high-quality dishes and excellent service.

2. Steak House Gallardo

- Price range: €€€

- Description: Steak House Gallardo specializes in cooking juicy steaks and other meat dishes. It's an ideal place for meat lovers.

3. Divino - Seafront Restaurant

- Description: Divino - Seafront Restaurant offers beautiful sea views and delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Here you can enjoy fresh seafood and dishes from the region.

4. Ma Chérie Ma Cherie

- Price range: €

- Description: Ma Chérie Ma Chérie pleases visitors with light and delicious dishes, including desserts and pastries. This is a great place for a snack or a sweet treat.

5. Navale

- Price range: €€€

- Description: Navale is a restaurant with exquisite cuisine and a wide selection of wines. Here you can enjoy luxurious dishes and an atmosphere of luxury.

6. Бар Budda

- Price range: €€€

- Description: Budda Bar is a popular place for relaxation and entertainment with a magnificent view of the sea. Here you can enjoy cocktails and snacks in a cozy atmosphere.

7. Ресторан Theodorus

- Price range: €€€

- Description: Theodorus Restaurant offers exquisite European cuisine with an emphasis on fresh ingredients and original dishes. This is a place for those who appreciate the high quality of cooking.

8. Bonjour

- Price range: €€

- Description: Bonjour is a cozy French restaurant with authentic dishes and atmosphere. Here you can taste classic French dishes and wines.

9. Ресторан Barquero

- Price range: €€€

- Description: Barquero Restaurant offers a variety of Mediterranean dishes prepared using fresh local ingredients. It's a great place to have dinner at sunset.

10. Masala Art Blue Room

- Price range: €€

- Description: Masala Art Blue Room is an Indian restaurant with a cozy atmosphere and a varied menu of Indian dishes. Here you can taste fragrant spices and spicy dishes from India.