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Nature of Albania

During a trip to Albania, magnificent mountain landscapes are guaranteed by the North Albanian Mountains, often also called the Albanian Alps and the Cursed Mountains. The mountain range stretches from the outskirts of Shkodra to the very border with Kosovo and Montenegro. There are also two amazing national parks on the Albanian side of the mountains: Tet and Lugina-e-Valbones. These are amazing mountainous areas, routes for both beginners and experienced tourists. In the Albanian Alps, it is worth visiting such places as the Grunas Gorge and Waterfall and the Tet Valley, very rich in a variety of fauna and flora. It is here that you can find such species of animals as brown bear, lynx, chamois and viper.

The second most interesting place, ideal for people who want close contact with nature, is the gorge of the Osum River.The canyon is about 15 meters long and 100 meters deep. The canyon can be crossed on foot, but with good water level, it can also be explored on rafting. The gorge is also interesting because when the water in the river dries up, you can go through the route along the bottom of the canyon.

Holidays in Albania are the perfect idea for spending your free time. This country will be a great place for people who prefer active recreation and communication with nature, as well as for those who are looking for a relaxing holiday on the beach. It is suitable for both young thrill lovers and families with children who come on vacation.