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Shiruna holiday

At the end of summer, everyone strives to taste dishes from the most delicious fish. And there is definitely such a fish - it's a "shirun", better known as mackerel. Because of this love for this fish, the festival is becoming more and more popular every year. During the holiday, you can drink homemade wine, eat fish and, of course, have fun with friends and family. The epicenter of the event is located near the walls of the Old Town of Budva. Various concerts, fairs, performances, charity events and other cultural and entertainment program are often held here. For food lovers, there is a separate place where tasting takes place not only wines, but also the widest. At the end of the festival, it is proposed to choose the winner. For those who prefer sports recreation, there is also a joy - during the festival they hold team competitions, as well as throwing prshut (this is a national raw smoked meat) directly from the mast.According to local tradition, the event is organized at the walls of the Old Town of Budva. A celebration is held in honor of Shiroon (this fish is a kind of mackerel). Fish caught by fishermen on this day should be given as a treat to festival visitors. The whole catch is given absolutely free of charge. There is even a belief that it is forbidden to sell fish on this day, otherwise fish will no longer be off the Chernorsk coast. So, all visitors to the festival will enjoy a delicious treat - fried fish with Chernorsk wine.