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Wine tasting tours to Albania

Winemaking in Albania has ancient traditions, and the country produces a variety of high-quality wines. Wine tasting tours in Albania offer a unique opportunity to get acquainted with local grape varieties, wine production traditions and enjoy authentic wines. Here are a few places worth visiting for wine tastings in Albania:

1. Korca region: Korca is known as the center of Albanian winemaking. Here you can visit various wineries such as "Cobo Winery" or "Çobo Winery" to taste local wines and learn more about the production process.

2. Berat Region: Several wineries can be found in this region offering wine tastings and vineyard tours. Some famous wineries include "Nurellari Winery" and "Cobo Winery".

3. Tirana Region: There are also several wineries in the capital region that are open to the public. You can visit the "Alpeta Winery" or "Kantina Arbëri" to taste the local win

4. Durres region: There are some wineries near Durres where you can taste wines produced on the coast
The Adriatic Sea.
These regions offer unique wine experiences where you can not only enjoy quality wines, but also learn more about winemaking in Albania and local traditions.