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Albanian Rivieras

Albania is still considered a relatively underdeveloped country when it comes to tourism, so if you are tired of being with crowds of people on Greek and Montenegrin beaches, consider visiting the Albanian Riviera. A large number of beautiful beaches, amazing landscapes, delicious food and hospitable locals - all this adorns the coast of Albania, washed by the Adriatic and Ionian Seas.

Here are 5 destinations in Albania that may be a good reason to spend this summer on the Albanian Riviera.

1. Saranda is the main tourist center on the Riviera.

Saranda is the perfect combination of natural beauty and human benefits. This tourist center, equally loved by tourists from neighboring countries and Albanians, is a pearl of the Albanian coast and a great alternative to more expensive cities and resorts on the Riviera.

The city itself is very energetic when it comes to nightlife. It is full of bars and beautiful restaurants that will offer you excellent local cuisine. Not far from Saranda is Butrint National Park, an ancient Roman city and an archaeological site, as well as the island of Xamil, just a few kilometers from the famous Greek island of Corfu. Also just a few kilometers from Saranda is the castle of Lecursi, the tower of which offers an incredible view of Saranda and its surroundings. Tours and excursions to the sights of the area are organized from the city itself, where you will learn all the details about these directions from the guide.
2. Orikum is a place that has preserved its former charm.

Orikum is a small town with a population of about 5,000 people on the Ionian coast, about 30 kilometers from Vlora, the second largest port in Albania. Orikum has a long pebble beach, which is ideal for relaxation. Almost the entire place faces the sea, so wherever you are, you won't need more than ten minutes to get to the beach.

This place has retained its ancient charm over the years, and in it you can get acquainted with history. Due to his ideal geographical location, Julius Caesar deployed his troops here during the Civil War in Ancient Rome. At the end of the bay there is an archaeological park with the remains of an amphitheater and a network of Roman roads.

3. Ksamil is a resort of paradise beaches and islands.

Ksamil is known among tourists as one of the three best destinations on the Albanian coast. It is located just 17 kilometers from Saranda in southern Albania, almost on the border with Greece. Ksamil is a village with a population of about 3,000 people. Xamil is surrounded by a group of small nearby islands that can be reached by boat or even by swimming, if you are experienced and in good shape.

White sand beaches, sun loungers, clean turquoise sea and Mediterranean sun make Xamil an ideal place to relax. Since this resort is one of the most famous in the coastal area of Albania, do not be surprised if the beaches are crowded. Due to its geographical location and proximity to the Greek island of Corfu, Xamil is an ideal place for a summer vacation in Albania and a place to create unforgettable vacation memories.

4. Karaburun - Karaburun-Sazan National Marine Park.

The only marine park in Albania is located between the Karaburun Peninsula and the island of Sazan. The area stretches for several kilometers and includes many vast natural beauties. Until recently, the island of Sazanne was completely unpopular as a tourist destination, and its sharp leap began in 2014, when the first tourist ferry headed for it.

The entire Karaburun peninsula is a reserve under state protection. In addition to the beautiful beach and clean sea, the National Marine Park gives you the opportunity to explore caves where sailors have left their messages carved in the rocks since ancient times. Quite an interesting option if you want an active holiday. Also in the waters around the peninsula there are wrecks from World War II, as well as galleys of ancient Greeks and Romans.5. Jeep Beach is the most beautiful beach in Albania.

According to most tourists, Jeep beach is not only the most beautiful beach in Albania, but also one of the most beautiful in Europe. A crystal clear sea of unreal colors is its main feature, and at the end of the beach - rocks, an ideal place for diving, which will attract the attention of every adrenaline lover

The beach is completely secluded and there is no asphalt road to it. There are several options on how to get to Jeep - by boat (which is most common), kayaking or on foot for 20-30 minutes on less accessible terrain. If you want to get to Jeep from the mainland, it is best to wear comfortable and durable shoes, sneakers of the highest quality, which will greatly facilitate your movement along rocky paths.

Since the beach is difficult to reach,there are fewer tourists on it, which makes it a real paradise for lovers of clean sea and sparsely populated beaches. There are several bars and small restaurants on the beach where you can refresh yourself with your favorite drink, as well as order something from the kitchen menu when you get hungry.